What are Ceramides?

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides are a repairing ingredient that helps the skin retain moisture and strengthen the skin barrier to protect you from environmental stressors and dryness. The skin naturally has ceramides however they reduce with age and environmental reasons.

As we age the ceramide levels in the skin reduce, resulting in rough, dry, dull, and flaky skin. When the skin reaches this unhealthy point, skin pores can easily become clogged, and the chance of having a breakout increases.

Another factor for low levels of ceramides in the skin is the climate and season our skin is exposed to. For example, in winter when humidity is lower the moisture from the skin evaporates faster due to the cold air, lack of humidity, and indoor heating. This once again results in dry and dull skin. Putting those ceramides back into your skin is vital to maintain a healthy and strong skin barrier which means hydrated skin for longer!

What is the skin barrier?

The skin barrier can be simply understood as being a watertight seal that keeps the skin tightly together. The 4 main functions of the skin barrier are:

  • Repairs the skin barrier
  • Maintains moisture in the skin
  • Watertight seal barrier
  • Keeps irritants out

Why is it important to look after the skin barrier?

Taking care of your skin barrier is important to maintain smoother softer and youthful skin. The health of the skin barrier determines skin elasticity and its overall appearance. A healthy skin barrier ensures that irritants, bacteria, and pollutants are kept out. When the skin barrier is healthy the skin feels soft, plump, and supple. If the outer layers of the skin barrier are damaged it will lose the ability to hold substances that keep the skin intact like ceramides, cholesterol, and other fatty acids. Damaged skin barrier leads to water loss and exposure to environmental stressors, resulting in dry and dehydrated rough skin which is more susceptible to signs of aging and breakouts, and becoming sensitive or be prone to redness.

How do you repair a damaged skin barrier ?

Repairing ingredients like Ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and fatty acids help to nourish healthy and damaged skin. It is important to incorporate these ingredients into your skincare routine after cleansing either through serum or a cream. You can never use enough of these barrier strengthening ingredients. Your younger-looking skin will thank you for it.

How do you to use it?

After cleansing which prepares the skin for a richer and thicker cream.

Who can use it?

Ceramides are great for sensitive skin types as well as acne-prone skin and rosacea. Ceramide cream can be used both day and night and you can never use too much of it.

You might want to try..

Dr. Jarts ceramide cream is an intensive moisture barrier cream that provides intense moisture retention for the skin and is great to relieve extreme dehydration in the skin and retain moisture while also repairing damaged skin. This highly concentrated hypoallergenic cream contains 5 different ceramide complexes which perform a different role for your skin in protecting the skin barrier. It is a gentle cream that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and rosacea.

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